Bon & Venture was founded in 2020 by Jennifer Dunlap, a painter and textile designer from Savannah, GA, to inspire you to live colorfully! After living for years in New York and later, Berlin, she longed to return to her Southern roots and made her home again in Savannah. She created Bon & Venture as a love letter to the iconography, flora, and fauna of her home, shaped by the Southern Gothic novels that inspired her growing up beneath the Spanish moss. 

She believes in the good in beauty, in stillness, and in ghosts. She saw a ghost one time - he seemed all right. In addition to painting and creating textiles, she is also a pretty good dancer to the best of her knowledge (no one has ever said anything specifically to the contrary). She lives in the Starland Arts District of Savannah with her cat, Noah Bonaventure, and a lot of plants.