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Bars & Bar Like Restaurants

Once called “the wickedest place in the world” by preacher Billy Sunday (which the city found to be a generally flattering assessment), Savannah is a city that loves to drink! When prohibition came to Savannah, our citizens attempted to secede from the state of Georgia and form their own, booze friendly state. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite spots, from out of the way dives to classy society joints around town. But proceed at your own risk! If you’re visiting our beautiful town, it’s unwise to attempt to keep up with the locals, or else risk coming down with the Savannah Flu (that’s a hangover, y’all!)

Lone Wolf Lounge
2429 Lincoln Street

A relatively recent addition to Savannah’s Starland neighborhood and already a staple! This is the place to go for, in our humble opinion, the very best cocktails in Savannah (and that’s saying something). From bloody looking drinks served in ceramic sharks to the local favorite: a chilled shot of Fernet Menta, this spot has a cult following (with good reason)! With the best owners and bartenders around, you'll find the Wolf somewhere at the intersection of dive bar, tiki lounge, and cocktail speakeasy (or, more practically, on Lincoln Street)!

2424 Abercorn Street

Take a walk down the alley from Lone Wolf Lounge and you’ll find Moodright’s on Abercorn, another neighborhood newcomer and local favorite with a twist: duck pin bowling! For just $3 a person ($5 on weekends) you can play a round while pinsetters hustle back and forth to reset your pins (don’t forget to tip them)! This wood paneled spot with a vaguely dare we say Wisconsin-esque vibe has awesome specials, happy hours (4 – 6PM Monday – Friday), Tuesday bingo, slushy drinks and more!

The Original Pinkie Master’s
318 Drayton Street

This excellent little dive is more than meets the eye, not to mention a Savannah institution! A plaque set into the bar commemorates the spot where Jimmy Carter announced his run for the Presidency while standing atop the bar. Opened in 1953, Pinkie’s has survived more shutdown attempts than we can count, all the while advertising the unofficial beer of Savannah via the iconic Pabst Blue Ribbon sign affixed to the corner of the building. This is the place to come for cheap beer, shots, excellent slushies (but don’t drink more than 2! We’re speaking from experience here!) and a real taste of old Savannah and local color!

Savoy Society
102 E Liberty Street

From the folks who brought you the beloved Pinkie’s and the excellent Diplomat Luncheonette, the new Savoy Society combines the best of both in a beautiful space right down the street from each, inside the old Drayton Towers building. Bringing you expertly crafted cocktails and elevated bar food (we honestly hesitate to use the term "bar food" to describe this incredible menu!), Savoy is the perfect place to start (or end!) your night!

The American Legion Post 135
1108 Bull Street

If you’re not from around Savannah you might be confused as to why a U.S. Veterans Association bar is near the top of our list, but this place has been a go-to for Savannians from all walks of life for years! All are welcome at this veteran's bar (as long as you don’t get too rowdy!), serving up cheap drinks in a low-key setting with pool, darts, and loads of amazing raffle events! If you get snacky while you’re there, step in back and order some burgers from Betty Bomber’s – they’ll bring them to you at the bar!

Cheers to You
135 Johnny Mercer Boulevard

We hesitate to include our favorite out of the way bar on this list for fear that all y’all will start going there and we won’t have the place to ourselves! Set on a ramshackle dock that appears to be in danger of collapsing into the river, out over the water on Wilmington Island, this awesome dive offers views of the river and nearby marina, with ultra cheap drinks and snacks. Most of the patrons are die hard regulars, so come on down for a real taste of the island life outside of Savannah!

The Black Rabbit
1215 Barnard Street

Another Savannah dive that’s secretly so much more! This tiny spot features some of the best sandwiches in town, along with a full bar and some craft beer selections. We love popping in for a late (and totally delicious!) lunch, complete with a shot or two of Fernet and a cold beer!

21 E McDonough Street

If you’re in the mood for some karaoke (and who hasn’t been after a couple of Pinkie’s slushies!) take the short walk over to McDonough’s, another Savannah staple featuring the best and worst local talent at their nightly karaoke roundup. This huge spot has two separate bar areas and serves the perfect fried foods to soak up whatever you drank that convinced you that doing karaoke was a good idea! This unpretentious bar opens up early for breakfast and keeps the good times going long into the night. Check out Billy’s Place upstairs for a cozier vibe!

The Wyld Dock Bar
2740 Livingston Avenue

Get a taste of the island life at the Wyld, set over the river at the site of the former Bona Bella Yacht Club! Take in the amazing view while enjoying some seriously awesome cocktails on their huge, laid back, outdoor bar and dining area. Not just here for the drinks, the Wyld serves up some excellent local seafood on an ever changing, seasonal menu with a lot of creative twists! Slow down and enjoy the sunset with a cocktail in hand!

256 E Perry Street

Head over to the Perry Lane Hotel and take the elevator to the roof to discover this Savannah oasis, giving us low key Miami vibes in the heart of Savannah! Just a short walk from Pinkie’s, Savoy, and McDonoughs, this classy rooftop bar boasts spectacular views of downtown Savannah, the Savannah River and the bridge, complete with a creative cocktail menu (did someone mention frosé?!) and excellent little bites provided by the Emporium on the first floor of the hotel. Relaxing during the day and a party at night, the view is not to be missed!

The Lost Square
312 Williamson Street

Another rooftop oasis, The Lost Square sits at the top of the Alida hotel. Right on the river, you can get up close and personal with the freighters cruising up and down the river while lounging on sofas in a breezy outdoor bar area with a preppy, nautical vibe. If you get a little warm, head down a couple of levels to the pool, where you can grab a day pass and splash around! Check out their calendar and don’t miss their pool parties!

Ghost Coast Distillery
641 Indian Street

If you’ve had a cocktail at a bar in Savannah it’s likely you’ve tried some of Ghost Coast’s liquors, so why not head over to their distillery and try the rest in person? The literal air of Savannah goes into their spirits in their open ventilation distillery, from the humidity to the pollen, creating a libation that is unique to our city (and we’re a city that loves to drink!) Take a tour and a tasting for $12.50 or add on a bottle to take home for $32!

Service Brewing Company
574 Indian Street

Liquor before beer – you’re in the clear! After sampling the collection at Ghost Coast, head across the street to Service! Not only does this veteran owned bar serve up some of the best local craft beers around, they’re committed to using their profits to benefit the community! We’ve never tried a Service beer we didn’t like, and their huge indoor beer garden hosts a variety of events, from live music and food trucks to a side of morning yoga with your beer!